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Spider Man is here to save the day. Everything is better when the friendly neighborhood spider man is around! One of the most iconic super heroes can be part of your kids’ party just by booking now. 


Just put on the high powered bat signal and wait for the Dark Night to arrive in his Bat Mobile. So if you want a true super hero who has been every child’s favorite since the beginning look no further you have found him.


The all American Solider who was frozen in time has thawed out and is battling his way from one kids birthday party to the next. Call Captain A today to make sure he fights his way to your birthday party. We were told he knows how to get the party going.


Super man is your man of steel. The perfect super hero to hire for your child’s birthday party as he teach and displays all his super hero powers to everyone. Call Super man to fly into the party give everyone child the feeling of meeting Super Man.


Ed Sonic is your favorite video game and comic protagonist come to life exclusively for your birthday party! Ed Sonic will make your party supersonic fun through different levels, delivering the power-up rings he has collected over the years to make this an unforgettable party.


This stylish and sweet Miss Mouse will come to you and make you dance away. Just imagine… she’ll stride into the room, a light will glow from her. You’ll hear music, she’ll bring the fun, and she’ll swing you off your feet! And you’ll know she’s the one when she makes you laugh.

Mr. Grinch

Santa Claus


Our characters are at birthday party showing children how their super suits, gadgets, special powers work. As children gather to learn how their famous party character fly’s from one place to the next they are all highly engaged with how cool they are.
Give our characters a call today to come to your next birthday party!