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How to Plan the Best Superhero Party in Union County

The superhero movie industry is worth a colossal $3.19 billion dollars to the US economy every year! Superhero popularity is at an all-time high, especially among children. So, when you’re planning a birthday party for your child, what could be better than a superhero theme? There aren’t any better party ideas out there. Need a little help to plan a truly amazing superhero party?

Read on. We’ve put together a helpful guide on party planning for the parents of a superhero-obsessed kid.

Dress Up

The best superhero parties all involve dressing up. Encouraging kids to put on their favorite costumes is fun for everyone and it helps create a fun party vibe.

Costumes can be homemade or store-bought and kids should be allowed to dress up as any hero (or villain!) they choose. The most creative kids might even come dressed as a hero of their own design!

Provide Spare Costumes

If you plan to have guests dress up as heroes, be sure to provide a few spare costumes. If you’ve got plenty of guests coming along, there’s bound to be a few parents who forget to dress their kids up, or maybe can’t afford to buy their child a costume.

By providing some extra costume pieces or props, no one will feel left out and you can avoid any tears. Even a few simple items like capes or helmets can be enough to let guests feel heroic!

Another option is to use face paint. Having your face painted up to look like your favorite hero is fun, and it’s a great way of getting into character for kids who don’t have costumes. Some of our experience packages include face painting activities.

Think Up Fun Superhero Activities (And Rewards!)

Kids love superheroes because of their action-packed adventures. So, at a superhero party, there must be plenty of fun and engaging activities to engage in.

There are so many different activities you can offer when you use your imagination. The key is to give activities a mission theme, letting the kids feel as if they really are racing against time to save the day. Have them play kryptonite hot potato, or set up an obstacle course for guests to navigate.

Keep safety in mind when preparing for any activity. Kids might feel invincible when they’re dressed as their favorite hero, but a fall and a scraped knee can dampen the party spirit. 

Rewards for the Heroes!

Even the most modest of heroes ought to get a reward for saving the day! Your party guests will be delighted to receive prizes for participating in games and activities. 

You could give out medals or ribbons to celebrate heroic deeds. Or opt for superhero-related rewards, like comics or superhero action figures. 

Kids feel so proud when they’re rewarded for their efforts! Award everyone a prize at the end to avoid disappointment. Be sure to have enough for everyone to take something prize home.

Prepare Some Heroic Invitations for Your Superhero Party

Invitations are always important. But with a little extra work, you can add a sense of excitement to your event weeks before it begins with bespoke invites.

Don’t just list the time and the place. Be sure to let guests know about all the fun they can expect. Let them know about any special activities you’ve got planned and be sure to mention 

If you really want to hammer the theme home, add some hero-related language to the invitations. Instead of asking friends and family to come to the party, try asking all local heroes to assemble for a secret mission! This will help create a sense of hype around the party and have your arriving guests bursting with excitement. 

Serve Up Creative Snacks

Even the greatest heroes need to stop and refuel every once in a while. Spiderman loves his Aunt May’s cherry pie, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can never get enough pizza, and your own little heroes probably have their own favorites.

You’ll need to provide some yummy party food for party guests to enjoy between all the fun they’re bound to have. 

For a truly great hero party, you’ll want to ensure all your snacks are hero themed. Get creative! You could have cookies with Spiderman or Superman logos, a hero cake, or even something simple, like Hulk green grape skewers! 

Rent a Hero

No superhero party would be complete without a hero appearing in the flesh. Event planning is a breeze when you have a centerpiece character, sure to make everyone’s day!

The presence of a caped crusader at your kid’s party will make their day. When you rent characters for the party, you’ll become a hero yourself in your child’s eyes.

You don’t need to rely on a radioactive spider bite or a visitor from another planet to find a hero in your neighborhood. Our range of heroes are ready to perform at your party. Their mission is to make great memories for all your party guests!

Don’t Delay and Call a Hero Today

There’s no better way to create an amazing superhero party than by renting a hero for the day. It also takes the pressure off you as the party planner, since hiring a hero provides the day’s main event.

Rent Party Characters offers heroes for hire in the following New Jersey counties.

  • Union County
  • Somerset County
  • Morris County
  • Monmouth County
  • Middlesex County
  • Hunterdon County
  • Hudson County
  • Essex County
  • Bergen County

Visits from our heroes include theme music, dancing, free candy, a photo session, face painting, cake cutting, and all kinds of other fun. Contact us today and let us help you throw an amazing party.